Torrent Trackers

Torrent Tracker help Torrent client like ( uTorrent, BitTorrent, Transmission,) to communicate with additional seeds and peers for increasing the Downloading speed of the torrent file.

The speed of torrent downloads depends on the number of seeds and peers and quality bandwidth it has.

Torrent trackers is a server that communicates between two peers to transfer file by using BitTorrent protocol.

Once you have downloaded a .torrent file from the any torrent sites like the pirates bay or kickass torrent and added it in your torrent client software, it will request the file that was downloaded on other PCs. where the PC is called peers. A portion of the file that was download from a peer will be sent to you to download.

Trackers will always keep a complete record of the torrent like the number of leeches, seeds, peers, size, files that are in the torrent, and a number of downloads.

If we add more public or private Torrent trackers, Torrent client communicate with those torrent tracker to increase the speed of the download by updating more addition connection with the peers.

So to increase to downloading speed of weak torrent, internet users will add additional public or privateTorrent trackers for increasing torrenting speed in torrent software like Utorrent etc.

Remember to delete any failed trackers from your torrents and keep seeding.

Keep your torrents running fast by  frequently getting the list from the site we got the info from.



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