Guess this is the page where we have to say something. Here it goes.

The concept of this page is sharing. Everybody watches movies and tv shows and everybody wants them for free. All we do is collect these things from the net and offer them to you. Think of it like content redistribution. Some of the videos which are uploaded carry the watermark of their encoders, we do not intend to undermine their work by re-uploading their content. If they didn’t  exist we wouldn’t exist either.

Please support them by visiting their website and kindly consider a donation.

I have setup PLEX Media Server at home and re-encoded all my movies to HEVC-X265. Saved me a ton of space. Thing is, once i upload a file there, everyone can watch what ever they like on their phones/tablets/laptops. Within the LAN that is. Its pretty nice. Here is a list.

Our files also rely on the work and effort of others as well as ours. We would like to thank a specific site, that as you may see we got the concept from them. The guys are truly amazing. They do a fantastic job in encoding and sharing.

They are the guys behind PSA Rips. Check them out .

We constantly download and update our archives. We’ve been doing it for years for personal entertainment. If you want a movie or a tv show we do not have online, drop a line and we will try and find it.

We mostly get our files from a specific group of sites and from very selected uploaders.

We are not affiliated in any way with any other sites. This website is a hobby. We make no money of it. We just do it cuz we can.

Way, preferable personal site, is PSA Rips. By far !!! I am using torrents for quite some years now, and i can almost compare their work with the notorious encoder joybell, aka joy of the UTR Group.

The guys are doing an exquisite job in encoding,and their releases are impressively early. HEVC is the future by the way.

Kudos to all the guys operating that website.

Do we see this to last forever? Nah. let’s all enjoy it while it lasts.

One last note. When using torrents, please seed, don’t hit and run.

Keep seeding to keep the entertainment and pleasure alive for all of us.


Thank you.


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